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Obetitlad loop/ Untitled loop


contious loop, 8:28 min, depicting a slow journey through a series of empty rooms.

Installation image from exhibition I skuggan (in the shadow) at Italienska palatset, Växjö.

Link to video

I read books



Under golv / Under floors


site specific video,14:44 min (continous loop)  shown at Västerbottens museums' dance pavilion in Umeå.

The video reveals fictiv rooms under the stage of the dance pavilion, moving through them like an underground elevator.

Link to video (low resolution)

Obetitlade tomrum /  Spaces untitled


Series of photographs, 70x100 cm, inside of cardboard models of rooms.

Installation images from exhibition Heart to Heart at Alta Artspace

(un)known rooms


video,49:30 min (continous loop) the video consists of a slow movement through a series of empty rooms.

Link to excerpt of video (low resolution)

Mina verktyg / My tools


series of embroideries depicting the tools in my studio. Between 20x20 - 40x40 cm. Ongoing work.



Animated video, 9.20 min. In Limbo the viewer becomes the only witness to a series of dystropic scenes.

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Tomteskapet / The art of being santa


Video 20:26 min collaboration with Maria Fjell and Tiina Tinouschka Nilsson. Two novis sanats talk about the difficulties of fitting into their new roles, while driving their car, buying christmas presents, and going out for beers. Are some people born to be santas? How do you survive when working as an unpaid santa? And do you have to weave your own burlap sack?

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